Q: What's the game's full title?
A: It's not decided yet. Deep Sleep is a current working title.

Q: Deep Sleep, where did I see that before...?
A: You've probably played one of the three Deep Sleep Flash games in 2010s.
They are on Steam now, if you want to refresh your memory.

Q: What is it about?
A: You embark into the depths of the eerie realm of dreams.
You will have to face the horrors of the worst nightmares to find what you seek.

Q: What genre this game is going to be?
A: Horror. Point and click. Roguelite.

Q: Point and click + roguelite?? How?
A: Yes. Wait and see.

Q: When?
A: Difficult to tell, it depends on a lot of factors.
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More info coming soon.

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